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WhyIslam has arrived to tumblr! Finally a place to ask questions about practices, common misconceptions and really anything you'd like to know about Islam! If you or your friends have questions about Islam, please ask away and insha'Allah (God willing) we will respond promptly!


If you want to fix your life, fix your prayer.

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3 Reasons for God

This is some of the material we distribute at our dawah table; I just photocopied this and I’m going to do some more now. if you want a physical copy to give to a friend or something, please let me know and I’ll send you it, insha’Allah

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Anonymous asked: Asalamu Alaikum! Why are there angels if Allah does not need help/does not need partners?


Walaikum AsSalam,

I truly apologize for not responding earlier. This is an ancient question and I never put aside time to answer it, please forgive me.

One would have to first stop seeing the angels as “helping” Allah (swt) or partners. Angels, like us, are the creation of Allah. However more so, Angels are pure from committing any act that is displeasing to Allah (swt). They are entirely subservient to God and can never disobey as it is not in their nature or capability to be able to.

We know that angels are limited beings that vary from individual to individual. Some are consigned with the responsibility of meting out punishment in this world, and some in the Hereafter. Some are entrusted with the task of writing the deeds of men, and some write the decrees of Allah (SWT).

Some manage the day-to-day affairs of the cosmos, and some are messengers who carry divine revelation. Some inspire the hearts of men and some are protectors and helpers of the believers. Some have higher rank and give orders to others. Some are responsible for sustenance, some for rain, and some take the souls of people when they die. In the same vein, some angels are perpetually in a state of prostration, some continually bow, and some forever glorify Allah (SWT).

Some eternally circumambulate the Ka’bah. In all cases, each angel is assigned a specific task. He neither has power to perform more than what he has been commanded nor to fall short of his task. This is in their “DNA”. This is all they know.

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Anonymous asked: I am Muslim but my friend who is non-Muslim but is interested in religion asked me a question which I felt I did not have a good answer for. The question was along the lines of "why in Islam do Muslim women have to marry a Muslim man?" basically after this he said "couldn't sometimes a specific non-Muslim man be a better person than the Muslim man she is allowed to marry?" JAK!


AsSalamu Alaikum,

Very sorry for not getting back to you sooner! Islam has very specific rights that are granted to women in marriage—and I say women because these rights are grant to both Muslim and non-Muslim women and must be respect and upheld throughout the marriage. The same rights may not be granted to the Muslim woman by a non-Muslim man.

For example, a Muslim man is obligated to provide for his family the best he can. His wife has the right to work but she has the choice of keeping her income or using it to help her husband provide. Other rights such as divorce, sexual rights, and inheritance are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Muslim women’s rights.

If your friend thinks a non-Muslim man is right for a Muslim woman, then that man should seriously consider learning about Islam and converting into it before marrying, this is my suggestion.

Insha’Allah, God willing this helps!

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Our thoughts and prayers are with those injured and killed in the Jewish Community Center of Greater Kansas City shooting today as well as with their families and friends during this trying time. No matter your faith, you have the right to exist and live peacefully doing so.

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"Content yourself with those who pray to their Lord morning and evening, seeking His approval, and do not let your eyes turn away from them out of desire for the attractions of this worldly life: do not yield to those whose hearts We have made heedless of Our Quran, those who follow their own low desires, those whose ways are unbridled."
Sūrat al-Kahf, verse 28 (via pearlsfromthepath)

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"Don’t insult yourself by envying others."
Sh. Omar Suleiman (via beautifulsabr)

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I’m very sorry I haven’t been answering questions lately. I’ve been very busy with traveling and work but it’s still no excuse. Insha’Allah I should have them answered by this weekend but please pray for me.

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Visited the masjid in Dublin today! Beautiful place subhanAllah! #ireland #dublin #islam

Visited the masjid in Dublin today! Beautiful place subhanAllah! #ireland #dublin #islam

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A restaurant in the masjid in Dublin. Can I get an Amen? #subhanAllah #dawah

A restaurant in the masjid in Dublin. Can I get an Amen? #subhanAllah #dawah

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